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    Houston, we have a problem! Tried this with two machines and three versions of the Avisio theme (your demo included) – in IE9 the index header and portfolio images don’t load!! Big problem! Any urgent ideas?

    On a separate issue, do you have a work round for the permalink problem post the 3.1 update. Only default WP permalinks (nasty) solve the issue on post pages.

    Thanks in advance. First issue is more pressing.




    Unfortunately IE9 is still in beta, until the final version is released (and possibly after) there are going to be bugs. In addition, the product page shows that IE9 is not currently supported:

    Once a final version is released, the theme will likely be updated to accommodate any required “hacks” to make it behave as a standards compliant browser should (as Safari, Chrome and Firefox do by default).

    We haven’t yet released an update to fix the WP 3.1 permalinks issue however this is being looked into.



    Thanks for the reply. Will you be able to offer a fix shortly before IE9 release or do you think this ‘bug’ will most likely be fixed by MS? Of course, I understand that Safari, Chrome and Firefox are better browsers but a lot of people use IE (sadly) so I just want to feel confident that this issue will be resolved one way or the other.

    Good to know there’s a permalink fix in the pipeline. Hurray!

    Thanks loads for your help James.


    We’ll wait for the next RC – I’m sure MS will fix some bugs before they release the retail version :)


    Thanks Dude.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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