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    I am adding a lightbox script to the theme I am working on and wish to send you a html link of the realtime problem. I do not wish to divulge the link on an open forum as I have a NDA in place with the client in question. Can i PM or email you the link?

    Any haste would be appreciated as the project is needed asap. Thanks!


    I have sent a PM with the links to the live work / files. Thanks


    Can you pelase respond to my query please.


    I have updated files on the download link I sent by PM. The error is still very noticable – looks like a conflict possibly.


    Never mind, solved the problem on my own. I understand you are busy, but 36 hours and no atempt at helping me – You shouldn’t have a “support forum” in place if this is the waiting timeframe.


    You’re not using the support forum. You requested privat help – so nobody else could help you. Neither I nor another forum visitor had the chance to have a look at your problems/website. The forum system only works if ALL visitors and the WHOLE support team (including me) has a chance to help you. As James stated several times this week he had problems with his internet connection and his email client/system. You could use pastebin or similiar to post your code without violating the NDA or setup a sample site so that everyone here has the chance to help you.

    Glad that you solved it on your own, though.

    The Dude


    Quote: You’re not using the support forum. You requested private help – so nobody else could help you.

    …Noone rushed to tell me that when I first posted.



    I’m sorry that response times are a little longer than normal this week, as Dude has already mentioned I have had issues with Internet connectivity and couldn’t get onto the forum.

    I’m glad you got this sorted though :)


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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