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    Hi, as Flashlight theme originally has no localization I had to do it my self, so I used qTranslate. It works just fine, except flag selector styling – for some mysterious reason the flags are invisible, doesn’t metter if I choose only flags or flags with text for language selector (qTranslate widget). Right now it’s set to flags and text, you can see only the text – please check it out on keramecom.com. Beside’s, I can’t give another shape and position to the selector box, I tried to do it modifying style.css with code I found on your and qTranslate’s forum and it didn’t do nothing. Hope I’ve explained clearly my problem, please help.



    Please make sure you have the latest version of the plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/qtranslate/) .

    Please add the code below to Flashlight Theme Options , under the Styling tab and into the Quick CSS and save.

    .qtrans_flag_ru.qtrans_flag_and_text {background: url(http://keramecom.com/wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/flags/ru.png);background-repeat: no-repeat;}

    .qtrans_flag_en.qtrans_flag_and_text {background: url(http://keramecom.com/wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/flags/en.png);background-repeat: no-repeat;}

    .qtrans_flag_es.qtrans_flag_and_text {background: url(http://keramecom.com/wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/flags/es.png);background-repeat: no-repeat;}

    I tested with ru and the flag was displayed.

    Good Luck,



    It works, many thanks! But there’s a way to assign custom position to the flags? I’d like to place them on the left top corner, above the logo – is it possible? The deal is that I couldn’t get nothing with adding ‘display:block’ to css, and I’d like to put them horizontally.



    It very well may be possible I believe. Unfortunately I am not comfortable enough with the plugin and would need to examine and test it. It’s best to consult the developer of the plugin. There is a lively forum http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/qtranslate with people who know qTranslate inside out. I am sorry I couldn’t be more of help , too many plugins, and too little time.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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