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    a few hours ago, I wrote about non displaying navigation on iphone. I use wordpress 3.3.1 with german language package. As I activate the theme I see on iphone´s safari debug console 5 errors in javascript. The first is that there is an parse error in line 2 in the jquery-package in wp-include. The other errors a “ReferenceError: Can´t find variable: jQuery”.

    These errors are the matter of the mistake, that the navigation is not shown on iphone (with lates ios-version).

    Can anybody help me?





    is there no one, who can help me?



    Can you post a link to your website please? Maybe it’s a plugin conflict or a corrupt js file. You can also try to upload all wordpress core files again (especially the wp-includes folder).


    Hello Dude,

    here´s the link to the site (it´s not official – it´s beta).


    Yesterday I´ve installed wordpress 3.3.1. three times. With the native install, wordpress run´s fine on Iphone. When i´ve installed the theme it don´t run. I hope, you can help me.

    Thanks a lot



    Hello Dude,

    i´ve changed the complete “wp-includes” folder from the wordPress-installation. Nothing happens – the errors on Iphone still there.

    I don´t know what I can do know….???



    I couldn’t reproduce the error with the windows version of Safari (dev console & js debugger). Maybe the problem is caused by a browser addon on your iphone? The error indicates that jquery.js isn’t loaded properly however the file itself seems to load fine on desktop browser and my mobile phone (Opera mobile) which indicates that this may be a client issue. I’ll ask Kriesi to test your website with his iphone.


    Hi tonihu, I just opened up your site on my iPhone (iPhone 4 with iOS 5.x) and didn’t receive any javascript error messages either. Are you able to get someone with another iPhone to test your site?


    Hello together,

    thanks a lot for your answers!!!

    I know – the errors are “confused”. If I open the site with my Ipad – there is no error. The site works great. If I open the site with my Iphone 3GS with new IOS (I´ve no plugins for Iphone Safari) – there are 5 errors. That´s because I think, there are only errors if the navigation comes to a dropdown list. The error also comes on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone (new one).

    I will test the site on other phones – and I hope Kriesi has an answer.




    for a better understanding, I´ve made two screenshots with my Imac. There you can see (a little) the error. I hope, it will help you.


    picture 2




    any answers?



    I reported this thread to Kriesi. We’ll need to wait for his answer now because I can’t reproduce the error with my devices. It may be even a problem with the internet connection because someone reported that 3G broke his website: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -3g


    Hello Dude,

    wow —- I use wp-minify. EVERYTHING RUN´S GREAT. No errors.


    Thanks for your help!!!


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