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    Hi, I really need a different custom menu for my sidebar navigation, instead of the default one from abundance that lists every page and child page. I need an accordian menu or some sort of drop down menu that hides the child pages until you click on the parent. Every single plugin I’ve tried doesn’t work with this theme. I’m sure the jquery must be conflicting with something in your theme but have no idea how I’d fix it. I tried reading about jquery no conflict but don’t understand it. Do you know of any plugins that would work to accomplish what i need.

    I don’t know if you take on projects, but if I paid you would you be able to fix this so I can use an accordian menu with the custom menu? This is the only issue standing in my way of finishing a website with a client.

    Thanks so much.


    Bump – Please help. I contacted one of the creators of the jquery accordian plugins and no reply. My client isn’t going to be patient much longer. (I don’t envy you guys for having to answer all these questions! Hope you’re making up for it in money :)



    Please send me the project details to (Email address hidden if logged out) and I’ll look into it. If I can find a solution I’ll make you a quote.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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