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    I love to use keyboard arrows for going through images, and it works so fine in the demo. It worked fine for me when I started working on my site, but now it only works if I hover the cursor over the navigation arrows, which essentially means that it is not working. I mean, the beauty of keyboard arrow navigation is that you don´t have to worry about your cursor.

    Help is appreciated :-)

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    Bump :-)


    Hi larsdaniel,

    I believe in the demo it only works when the mouse is over the slideshow area which it seems to work the same way on your site. Can you point to a page on the demo where the arrow navigation works differently and I’ll check with Kriesi to see if it is supposed to work differently.




    Devin, I see your point. It is just that I have a clear feeling that when I installed Choices it worked more intuitively for me, not having to hold your mouse anywhere to make it work. But unless anybody else has a version where it works like this, I can not give you an example.


    To be honest this feature doesn’t make sense to me – especially because you can have more than one slideshow on a page (archives, dynamic templates, etc.) and you need to bind the keyboard to a certain slideshow somehow.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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