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    Hello Kriesi, i`ve seen you did find some time in our busy scheduled to oversee and reply to the latest postsn the forum.

    So i thought that maybe you can bring some light on the thread which was arised by me here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -corona

    Actually, (maybe it will sound a little bit harsh. Sorry) i was hoping you not to “comments” something on that thread, but actually solve that issue. Or, if its not a issue, but a “Feature” – to you to change it.

    My point here is very simple.

    I have a Corona blog and one more another site on other wordpress “engine.

    So, as ive mention on the linked post, some time ago i`ve spent my time with my second (not-Corona blog) and i firstly fullfill:

    SEO Title and SEO Description field for all my categories on that blog. In next three days the amount of traffic from Google almost doubled. After that, i`ve run all over the Categoryes and also fullfill all the (default wordpress) “category description” field. That field allow to insert any custom made description on top of the “category page”. And after that my traffic from Google jumped even more.


    And now Corona:

    1)We can fill SEO title + SEO Description fields (if we have YoastSEO installed).

    But, Corona doesn’t work with default “category description” field.

    We can fulfill it, and more that that – the actual text does appear on the “HTML source” of the category page.

    But on the page itself – nope. NO description there.

    So, my points are:

    1) By the default settings the text writen in the “Category Description” fields – appears on the actual “category page”.

    In Corona, that test only appears on the HTML code. Seems like its “disabled” somehow to not to appear on the page.

    So visitors cant see that description and Google don`t “react” on that part of HTML (since Google now check both HTML and the actual “appeareance” to prevent keywords spam).

    2)So, by enabling that feature Corona owner will get:

    A)A great tool to improve overall SEO – which will get them more natural SearchTraffic.

    B)By using the “Category Descriptions” (if they will appear on the actual pages – we (owners of Corona blogs) will improve our websites, and allow our visitors to enjoy our blogssites even more.

    So, WHY not to enable both “CATEGORY description” and “TAGS description” back to its default state?


    PS: Of course there is a lf descriptions of “How to Show Category and Tag Descriptions In WordPress Theme”.

    For example this one here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /4813/

    But all these guides just dont work with Corona (((


    I think you can simply add this code to archive.php. I’d add it after following line:

    <h2 class='firstheading'><span class='container'><?php echo avia_which_archive(); ?></span></h2>

    – it would look like:

    <h2 class='firstheading'><span class='container'><?php echo avia_which_archive(); ?></span></h2>

    <?php if (is_category()) { ?>
    <?php $description=category_description(); echo $description; ?>
    <?php } ?>

    <?php if (is_tax()) { echo term_description(); } ?>

    <?php if (is_tag()) { ?><?php echo tag_description(); ?><?php } ?>

    The meta tag code needs to be in header.php (before the closing head tag).


    What is the “meta tag” code?

    I didnt get it. I should just re-make archive.php (the way you offer) or should i also do something with header.php? (the last part – i didnt get it)


    I think you don’t need the meta tag code if you use wpseo because it will use the description automatically if you don’t enter a custom category meta description. You just need to modify archive.php.


    Great! It worked!

    BTW, if any1 will follow my path, and enable that feature, you will need that pluggin: HTML in Category Descriptions ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / )…. because the default setting dont allow HTML in Descriptions.



    Great. Status set to resolved.

    Best regards,


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