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    I just found that the fullscreen slider (One Page Portfolio -sample) is very laggy in Chrome when you are scrolling down the page (by using middle button of the mouse). I have tested your one page portfolio on a couple of computers and same problem.

    It works fine with IE, but not Chrome. Any thoughts/fixes ?


    Hi janneal,

    I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi but I’m not sure what could be as I’m not really getting the same result with the latest version of Chrome on Windows7 or Chrome+OSX.




    Same here. I used Chrome on W8 and OSX, Safari on OSX and Internet Explorer 10 on W8.


    Thank you for the additional check :)


    “Same here” as in: Mine is laggy, too.

    I’d like to add one thing:

    I’ve noticed a possible difference between a browser window that has been open for a while and a fresh browser window. Fresh windows seem to do it fluently, while windows that have been open for a while (with tabs etc.) tend to be slower.

    Could also be a coincidence, of course.


    I get the issue as well in most circumstances but its isn’t necessarily something that is “fixable”. Different browsers just render content differently and depending on the page layout (fullscreen slider, big images etc) there may or may not be some jitter with how its rendering the big fixed image backgrounds.




    Hm. In fact I have problems reproducing the issue. Especially chrome runs smooth as butter. Might have something to do with the operating system.

    Which ones are you guys using?

    Best regards,



    Was wondering if this was ever resolved? I get the lag on Chrome and Safari on OSX 10.6.

    Are there alternatives to getting a fixed image (parallax) effect while still having the image be responsive. So for only fullscreen slider seems to do this.



    Hi leojosephy,

    The next theme update will have updates for the background fixed image and some improvements for the code. Wait until that release, update and we can take a look at things again then.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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