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    How do you control the color of each element of the Latest News Widget like you do in the live preview?

    I used this code that I found on another post but he header and it does not change the HEADER part of the widget or the date and time.

    .news-headline {

    color: white !important;


    Other widgets have the same problem.

    thx in advance…again…


    Hi skosmer,

    The theme preview doesn’t use any custom css for the widget colors. Its all based on the options from the preset color scheme in the Styling tab of the theme options for each style.

    You could use the following however if you wanted to adjust them individually:

    .newsbox .widgettitle {
    color: #333;
    .main_color .newsbox .news-headline {
    color: #333;
    .main_color .newsbox .news-time {
    color: #333;





    Try putting #add368 as the footer background color and make the footer type #ffffff.

    For some reason, when the background color is darker, the text appears to turns white. But when you have a middle color like lime green, and want white text, it turns grey.

    Seriously. Try it.

    I have tried every possible color combination.


    BTW, the code above changed nothing.


    When you put the “enfold” news widget in the footer, the header type and the time of post seem to be transparent in some what…they are always seem to be lighter.



    also, the news widget does not show any image in the square like the others.



    excuse me, on a video post the news widget does not show an image in the square.



    Would you please include a url with each of the issues you are having. This way we can look at your live code and provide a custom response specific to your case.





    Do you have an email address so i am not posting to the world?

    I apologize for so many questions, but every time i want to change a color or add an image, the theme behaves differently

    I just tried to have a 2 column page in which i put an image, a headline, and some copy. Well, i couldn’t use the avia image tool, because that shrinks the image. So i figured out through trial and error that it had to be a slider. Well, that worked. But when i cloned the exact same configuration for the second column, the spacing was different.


    The logo in the enfold demo stays the same size. When you put your own in, at exactly the same size, it shrinks…


    I put a background color on the footer. But when i make it green, the type isnt white anymore? I had to make it a light grey.


    I love the theme. I only like a few I have found so far. I would buy this theme over and over and use it for a bunch of web sites.

    But it is utterly frustrating to have to do everything by trial and error, or look it up in a forum. Because much of the functionality is not documented.

    The guys in the forum have done a really good job at answering questions promptly. But everything I want to do, turns out to be a struggle.

    It is taking tons of time to do some really simple things. At least I thought they were simple. Maybe I am wrong.

    Thx in advance.


    Now the page composer or whatever you call it is behaving weird.

    The text I put in will show up in the text block element in both tabs one time, and then it will be in all white type so i cant see it the next. This isnt the actual page, just the editor now…


    I cant win…


    I keep having problems with the advanced layout editor on the pages. Just lost it on another site on all pages.

    I wont work on any of them.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thx in advance.



    Sorry for the delay. Alright. Quick CSS lesson. Don’t use single classes because they sometimes work but most of the time they are not specific enough. WHen you write the whole selector made of classes you should think of it like giving driving directions. If you say 12 Apple Street , that wont help a guest who is on the expressway. so you need to give some reference points. If its a div with a class myclass1, you can try div.myclass1{ } (or h2.myclass1{ } if it was h2 tag with that class) if there is a link inside that same div, you would use div.myclass1 a { }

    I can’t give you the exact code because you are not including the url to your site. Since there are so many various updates, plugin combinations boxes/full layout, background image combinations, it will not be possible. So please provide a url and I will be able to answer your questions. You can hide the url to your site by wrapping in so that it will not be seen.




    Thanks for your continued patience and lesson.

    About the 2 column issue…I ended up using the line component in the advanced editor and adding some space in one of the columns, and now it matches.

    I still don’t understand why i couldn’t simply make a 1/2 column with an image, a header and some text, clone it, and expect it to be identical to the first column…? The page that I was having a problem with was the EXPERTISE page. But I eventually got it to work, probably not the correct way though…

    Am I wrong to assume that once you choose to build/edit a page, you have to use EITHER the default or the advanced? Or should i be able to toggle back and forth? Because often when adding copy into one of the advanced text fields, and start styling words or a sentence to bold or a color for instance, it adds bits of code i didn’t enter when i open that part again to adjust or change?



    I decided that the best thing to do is to show you how to edit CSS yourself. I made a short video and I promise you that if you watch it carefully and follow along, that you will be able to solve vast majority of these issues yourself without needing to know how to write a single line of code. So far all the people I showed similar videos who showed an equivalent interest level in the topic were able to edit themselves within 30 minutes.




    Thanks a ton Nick.

    I really, really appreciate it.

    Great video. Great lesson. It explains a lot without needless info.

    Make more, please…lol…




    Here some answers , since CSS was a fraction of the questions.. but some questions first.

    Is your w3tc working? I see its on but I am not sure what its doing. Just don’t use the minification from w3tc, instead use ”better wordpress minify” plugin in conjunction with w3tc or preferable super cache.

    Only activate cache plugins when you completely finished with development. Otherwise you will not see your edits untill the cache expires (some are set for millions of seconds).

    You must update your theme, since you are using a buggy old version , at least 4-5 versions behind the current version. Log into , download the latest version, unzip it (twice) and install via FTP overwritting all your theme files (dont forget to backup). I think this may be the root problem you are having that is non-css related.



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