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    Have their been any updates to Propulsion theme since last year? I have one site done in it but have never gotten any notification of updates. Just curious. As I am ready to do another site and am ready to purchase.



    I just purchased version 1.8 at theme forest. I currently have 1.6 installed as I work on the draft of a site. I tried to upload the new one and it will not let me install because it says I already have propulsion. So what do I have to do? unzip and ftp files to the server??? Not a user friendly way to do an upgrade in my mind.



    Hi elames,

    Unzip the file you downloaded from themeforest and open it and you should see folders like documentation,etc. You should also see, propulsion.zip, kindly unzip and open it, this time you should only see 2 folders, __MACOSX and propulsion. kindly rename the propulsion folder to something link propulsion_new then upload this folder to wp-content/themes (in your remote server) via ftp.




    But then will I have to redo all my set up for woo commerce and custom themes??? I don’t want to start over from scratch. Or do I just rename it propulsion. Sorry this is not clear. But I have way too much work in this site to mess it up now.



    Hi elames,

    Each server has different settings and for yours, it wont allow you to overwrite the propulsion folder because you already have a folder named propulsion. You can either change the permissions (google chmod or talk to you hosting provider) or overwrite the files via FTP as Ismael said.

    WordPress saves all theme and plugin options to the name of your theme so if you just overwrite the files, you don’t lose any options. You *will* need to back up any changes you’ve made to the actual theme files.

    Additionally, each download from themeforest comes with a version.txt file that has all the names of the files changes between each version. You can use that and FTP to only replace those files that were changed if you’d like.




    Where do I find the version.txt file? I have unzipped it and I don’t see it anywhere.

    Thanks Devin.



    Please look in the style.css file located in the theme folder , at the top of the file there is the version number.

    The best way to do this, would be to unzip the theme on your home computer, and rename the folder to propulsion-new, then using ftp to upload it next to your current propulsion theme. Then you would rename the current theme you are using to propulsion-old and rename propulsion-new to propulsion.

    If you plan on editing any of the theme template files, you should consider using a child theme, that way you never touch the parent theme and can safely update it without any hassle. Here is a child theme http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ktrt3moqdqh9b3/propulsion-child.zip (for child theme you will need to redo all the settings for everything).




    Thanks I do not intend to edit any of the theme template files. I never have. I just put in the custom css I need. I have already done exactly what you said on my home computer.

    Devin said I could just ftp the updated files to the server. Those are all I really need to do. I just want to know where they are listed so I know which to ftp.

    I know the style.css will tell me the version but it does not tell me which files are updated.

    Where is the version.txt located? That’s all I need to know

    Thanks alot!



    Please look towards the bottom of the page for the latest change log. http://themeforest.net/item/propulsion-responsive-business-ecommerce/1126092



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