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    I am using Angular theme, and I tried “Dosis” and “Open Sans” google fonts (changed by WP Google Fonts plugin) across site, but

    these caracters are not displayed properly. I guess they are arial, becouse they are bolder than other typo.

    Please help me with this!

    site :


    Hi neecodeeye,

    If you’re using the WP Google Fonts plugin then you’ll need to check with that plugin’s support. I know some Google fonts don’t support Latin characters but I thought Open Sans did so I’m not sure why the characters wouldn’t work unless there was something missing in the plugin’s code.




    Okay Mya…

    If You can, please notify Kriesi, and other team mates to consider about adding full google fonts support in some update for this theme.

    It will be nice to change fonts across the theme.

    Also now it doesn’t support google font weights, and it is important for some nice designs.

    Best Regs,



    Hi Nemanja,

    Angular does in fact support google fonts. The option is currently only available for Heading Fonts but you could use a bit of css to apply the same font to other items as long as you are only using the one google font.

    The limitations of googles font library are however out of our hands so if the individual font doesn’t support specific characters you’ll need to use a different one.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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