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    Hello. (1) Is there a way to resize the Layerslider in mobile view? The slideshow seems really small as compared to other elements when viewed on a mobile device.

    (2) Are there custom modifications made to the Layerslider for the Enfold slideshow? Seems like when I create a new slideshow, there is border or gap on the left and top sides. This goes away if I use the Enfold slideshow. If I create new slideshow, what custom settings are required for the images to appear flush on all sides? There’s obviously something that was added in the Enfold slideshow. Thanks.


    Hi joe88,

    The layer slider is already responsive but it doesn’t have any kind of enlargement functionality for text/captions because that is all user controlled.

    For #2, I don’t know what you mean without some kind of live reference. If you are adding in a slideshow that isn’t full width, it needs to be in a layout container. If it is full width, it should be outside of a layout element.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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