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    Layerslider is not loading on my home page for some reason. Instead it shows the shortcode: [layerslider id=”3″]. I went through and tried to see if any plugins broke it (by deactivating them) but it doesn’t seem to be a plugin issue. I also turned on “Put JS includes to body” setting in LayerSlider settings but that didn’t help either.

    I installed Revolution Slider and figured I would just use that but something is conflicting with the theme and it won’t load a fullwidth slider, but it at least shows a slider. My dev site is password protected so I can send the credentials privately if possible.




    I have the same problem…



    The shortcode for the layerslider is not working. Please use the Advance Layout Editor, go to Media Elements tab then insert the Layer Slider.




    Is there any way I could go around using the Advanced layout editor? It erases most of my page content half of the time… I added the debugging code from another thread but it’s still wiping out my content which is very disruptive to trying to get anything done.




    Hi Again,

    I used the advanced visual editor and inserted the slider but it showed up wrong and broke by home page! The slider was there but it was in a boxed format (not fullwidth like I had set in the LayerSilder editor) and it also boxed the footer sloppily, cutting out content on the left and right sides.

    Thanks for the help!



    Hi Max,

    Make sure you put the layer slider element outside of any columns or color sections. It is its own element that will always be full width.

    When creating a page you have the choice of using the visual editor *or* the advanced layout editor. Using the other after creating any content will delete the contents of the other as they can’t coexist.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the response to this and my other support request. There really should be a way around using the advanced visual editor, I usually just work in the html editor for wordpress except for when I must use the visual editor for shortcodes. Can these hidden shortcodes (the ones only available in the advanced editor) be included in the theme documentation? I would not have purchased the theme if I knew I had to use that advance visual editor for things as simple as a slider.




    Ok I figured it out, I need to use this shortcode for the layerslider: [av_layerslider id=’#’]

    Trying to figure that out has cost me so much time, but I got it. That should really be in the documentation. Anyway, thanks for the help!




    I’ll ask Kriesi to include it in the documentation. Glad you found the solution :)



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