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    Hi Enfold,

    For some reason, all of a sudden my layerslider won’t save when we add a slide, or make changes to the image on a current slide, it will save the text changes though. Can you help?



    Hi Marssolutions!

    Did you add a plugin prior to the issue? Please deactivate them. Can you please post a link to the website?

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    No new plugins were added or updated prior to the issue, here’s the link

    Thanks for looking into this.


    Sorry, I mean’t to also say I’ve deactivated all plugins, logged out, cleared cache and tried again with no success. thanks,



    You have 7 plugins installed please try to deactivate them to create a new slide again. Remove browser cache or use another browser. Please post the login details here as a private reply so that we can check it.


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    Hi. I seem to have the same problem.

    I installed enfold last week and I haven’t yet installed any plugins. All I did before checking out the layersider, was doing some customization in the enfold theme, including uploading a logo and doing a bit of color changes.

    the website is

    than you


    dont bother answering yet. Im doing a fresh install. first



    ok problem persists. I just did a fresh install. and I still cant save layerslider. It just turns red and says saving and stays like that. for… 5 min. counting.

    I suspect that it might be an isue with the some URL thing. because there are other errors to like the upload function in layerslider gives me an error when I try to upload.

    It was a bother setting up the ftp program to I had to get a specific ip address for the url.

    thanks Jonas
    p.s. im still talking

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    @marssolutions: I edited “NEW GSM Test” and I added a new Slide and a new layer on the existing slide without any problem. Please remove browser cache then reload the page a few times. Logout your account then login again. Use another browser if necessary.


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    Ok, we’ve seemed to have fixed this. It appears that by changing the URL in the image upload section to just /wp (we removed our url) it sorted it out. Not sure why it all of a sudden stopped working, but it’s fixed now. Thanks for your help Enfold.


    Thank you for the support, im not sure its working, im having some other issues that im trying to sort out. So I’ll have to wait with testing the fix. but thanks a bunch any how.


    I’ll mark this as closed for now. If either of you have continued individual issues just make a new topic and we can address it there.

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