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    Hi There,

    I have a problem I’m hoping there is a simple solution to.

    I have a layer slider created with a background image along with 5 to 10 layered images… Really simple, plain background, images slide in over the top and slide out.

    I have Slideshow will pause when mouse pointer is over LayerSlider. turned ON… and the bug I have is that while the slide freezes ( for debugging I have the Show bar timer ON ) and the slide freezes, but the layers just slide away…

    I expected BOTH the slider and the layer slider to pause…

    The scenario is this… I have images and song lyrics appearing over a plain background… so the user would pause the slide to read the lyrics, but they can’t… as they currently slide away leaving the user on a frozen plain coloured background!!

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    An example can be viewed at: http://eloael.com/listen-and-buy/




    Hey josephnarai!

    As far as I know the pause is only for the active slide to keep it from moving on to the next. To change that functionality would require a modification to the plugin directly.

    Best regards,


    So, do I need to be contacting someone else about this? It seems more like a bug to me… but I could understand how this could be interpreted as a feature request though…

    I’m happy to modify the code if necessary, but a place to start looking would be much appreciated.



    Its honestly not a small thing you would be able to do just digging around in the code and altering a value. The layers alone are not meant to be paused, its only the actual slides and their progression. So while you might think of the layers of an individual slide as pieces that can be paused at will, they are not ever generally though of as an element that would be.

    You could try Microlancer, Codeable.io or http://www.kriesi.at/contact/customization .


    Thanks, I understand.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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