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    Hi there,

    Just updated Enfold to the latest version.

    Two issues with LayerSlider:
    1) Transitions: My home page slider is no longer showing transitions between slides. I went to the Slide and checked each one has transitions set. But no luck!

    2) HTML in slide content: Secondly, I’m not sure why a <br> tag is no longer working in HTML content on my slide (slide 3). As a temp workaround, I’ve placed a <p> tag but this is not ideal.

    Thoughts and help please?


    Hey RRJ!

    This is a problem with Chrome not rendering 3D transitions properly. We reported the issue to Kriesi. Please wait for his response. Try to deactivate all plugins, see if that changes anything. Remove browser cache then test it again.



    Hi Ismael,

    You’re right, I just tried other browsers and it works. Bummer!

    When was the issue reported? Is there an expected ETA?

    Also – any ideas about my second issue with the HTML-in-content not working correctly? This seems unrelated to the above rendering, unless I’m mistaken.

    Thanks so much for your help.



    On slide 3 the br tags are breaking up the lines from what I can see. If I delete them within the code it causes the line to turn back into a single line as well.

    Best regards,


    Hey Devin!

    You’re right, the preview looks OK – but when I save the slide, on the actual site it just displays as one line again (in Chrome and FF).
    Thus having to resort to the <p> tag in the middle, which displays OK upon saving, but isn’t ideal.

    Any ideas?


    I’m only looking at the front end. The lines are broken up by break tags and nothing else.

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