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    I can’t create or edit certain elements with the layout builder on either 1.7 or 2.4.1 of this theme. The problem has been apparent since the first version I used (1.0) but was intermittent in earlier versions.

    It’s now completely unusable with the color section element – if I add a text box or even a rule to this element it gets removed when I update the page. I am not able to change the version of PHP on the server (5.3.26 CGI/FastCGI).


    Hi ntoklo!

    Please contact your host to switch it to 5.3.27 CGI (Stable). Let’s wait for Kriesi’s response.

    Best regards,


    I said…

    “I am not able to change the version of PHP on the server (5.3.26 CGI/FastCGI).”



    I’m not sure how we can fix this. There seems to be an issue with Fast CGI and the only solution so far is to switch to 5.3.27 CGI. Sorry but please wait for Dude’s and Kriesi’s response.



    I don’t agree with your assessment. A colleague of mine has managed to update the site from his machine without experiencing the problem.

    Unfortunately I’m not able to update the site at all. How can it be an issue with the version of PHP on the server if we have two different experiences on two different machines accessing that same server?


    I notice you say “there seems to be an issue with FastCGI”. Can you please explain exactly what the issue is?



    Like I said “I’m not sure how we can fix this”. I’m sorry but I can’t explain it elaborately that is why I’m asking for Kriesi and Dude’s help. I searched the forum about CGI php configuration and I found few entries from a different user explaining how they fixed the same issue by changing from 5.3.27 FastCGI to 5.3.27 CGI(Stable).



    Am I going to get any assistance on this? I can’t use the theme at the moment.



    As far as I know you need to change the server setting from using FastCGI. I don’t know the details of why it doesn’t work but those users who were having issues that ended up doing the trick for them.

    If you have a pressing deadline or are just not able to do that under any circumstances Envato support will be able assist with a refund for the theme. Its not our desired avenue but I can definitely understand wanting to just move forward with the site.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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