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    Hello! :)

    First question:

    Regarding Levitation; What’s the code needed to change the portfolio page images to a link that goes to the related page (like when you click on the title of that item) instead of the photo gallery that is default.

    Second question:

    Regarding Levitation; Is it possible to change the portfolio to a two column layout. Left column displaying the image of the post. Right column displaying a summary of what that post is about (with a kind of “read more” button at the end to display the full content).

    I did find a similar thread asking the first question but there was a twist as he required slightly different specifications and the code would not have worked in my scenario. I’m sure this has been asked before but couldn’t find a thread that answered it so apologies if this has been asked before.

    Kind regards,




    1) open up template_portfolio.php and search for:

    <a href="'.$portfolio_image.'" rel="lightbox[portfolio]"><img class="aligncenter" src="'.$portfolio_image_small.'" alt="" /></a>

    replace it with:

    <a href="'.get_permalink().'"><img class="aligncenter" src="'.$portfolio_image_small.'" alt="" /></a>

    2) It’s possible but requires some time and customization. I can’t help you with this modification because it’s beyond our support service.


    Works brilliantly, thankyou mate.

    If i were to attempt going for the 2 column layout myself – is it only css based adjustments that would be needed? Im capable at css which makes me think i might be able to do it myself, but I’d need you to tell me if editing PHP is nessessary aswell because i lack the experience in that dept.



    You need to change the template structure too. It’s not difficult though – open up template_portfolio.php and replace:

    <?php if ($boxnumber == 3) echo '</div>'; ?>
    $boxnumber = $boxnumber == 3 ? '1' : $boxnumber + 1;


    <?php if ($boxnumber == 2) echo '</div>'; ?>
    $boxnumber = $boxnumber == 2 ? '1' : $boxnumber + 1;

    This will output a basic and wrong styled 2 column code….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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