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    Lightbox not working at all?? Just loads the picture? Why is lightbox not working? How do I fix it?


    Hey jrichman63,

    Can we take a look at your site to see what is happening first hand? There could be any number of reasons why the lightbox wouldn’t work but we’ll need to take a look in order to narrow it down and offer some possible solutions.




    Yes please take a look..


    The lightbox script doesn’t connect the lightbox to your images because the links contain a weird php parameter at the end. Eg here: the first image link is and the script doesn’t recognize this link as an image because of the ?fit=240%2C9999 extension after .jpg.

    Please remove this extension from the image link and the lightbox will work.


    Um that exstention wasn’t added by me? I don’t know how to remove it.. Could jetpack plugin have added that to the end of images? I need further help to resolve this..



    The culprit is Jetpacks Photon. Disabled Photon, light box working properly now.



    Glad you solved the problem :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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