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    Hi, the light-box effect on the single portfolio page stopped working, (however, light-box for the pretty photo and the video is still working)

    and the video slideshow does not work and just shows the link on the slide, not currently in use but thought I would mention it.

    Also, 9 different sizes of the same image are saved on the server when I upload 1, is this correct? Can this be fixed?

    If anyone has suggestions on getting the light-box to work again, and or the photo size loading issue, it would be much appreciated.



    Can I turn the lightbox off for single portfolio images, but keep the function for current page pretty photo and video?


    Hi DanaD,

    Unfortunately the link behavior is set and linked between the two different displays. So editing one would edit the other.

    The image uploading is the correct behavior, the theme specifies the various image sizes that are needed and then they are created on first upload so that they don’t need to be loaded in and resized constantly later on.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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