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    I’m having a problem with lightbox and external links. When I try to use lightbox using images located internally on my server, everything is ok and works just fine. The thing is when i try to do the same with external links (both images and video) they immediately redirect me to the page of the image or video. For example, if i use lightbox with, lightbox is visible for a faint second before redirecting me to youtubes site. The same applies to external images.

    Help please :)




    can you post a link to your website please?


    I have posted 2 examples of internal and external links in the Portfoliopart of the site.


    and another problem here, in my portfolio posts, why do the images come out like this instead of like your example this



    to be honest I couldn’t find the reason for your first problem (redirection) – maybe it’s related with the server configuration and the youtube video ajax call triggers something but firebug debugging didn’t help much.

    Re 2) You need to set a preview image by using the “Display Preview Image Options” – it will be displayed above the post content like here:


    Ok, where can I find that?


    (I have Preview Picture Medium in all of them)


    I think you need to set the “Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox” for post preview images – the medium sized image is used on the portfolio page only.


    But I have a Video URL in “Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox” and an Image URL in “Preview Picture Medium”. Shouldn’t that make it large?

    For example in the post “Intervju med Mystling” I have in the field “Preview Picture Medium” the URL “×134.jpg”, and in “Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox” I have “” as an URL. Isn’t that the way to get it like this: ?


    Sorry yes – I missed that. I’ve found the problem though :)

    Use the “preview picture medium” field for the “small thumbnail” and the lightbox field for videos or fullwidth images. However make sure that you insert the fullsize version of the image and not the thumbnail version (wordpress shows a radio box option in the image uploader where you can select the image size).I.e. on this post: – you selected the thumbnail version:×134.png instead of the fullsize version:


    Thanks! That solved it :)

    Any idea where I should turn about the redirect lightbox issue?


    Maybe it’s related to the server configuration or to a plugin. If you use plugins try to deactivate them.


    Apparently it was the Plug-in Slim-Stat that caused the problem.



    Glad that it works now :)


    By the way where can I find the code for “Read more” on the frontpage? That is, I want to change the text “read more” to something else.


    The mainpage boxes code can be found in: displayframeworkclasseskclass_display_box.php



    And another thing, our contact form isn’t working. Any idea why?


    Please try if plugins like: work for you. Some hoster (i.e. hostgator) seem to cause problems with the standard contact form.


    That worked! Thanks! :)


    Glad that it works now :)

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)

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