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    I’ve started populating the menu manager on my site, and I’ve got a problem that once I try to ad menu item number 28 – It will not add this item to the menu, it will instead just apparently log me out… I’ve tried everything, but it just will not allow me to add another item to the menu whatsoever…

    Is this a known bug with the menu manager ?

    Please help me someone !!



    Can you email kriesisupport [at] noahhendrix [dot] com with login credentials so I can look into this a little further?

    Best regards,



    Maybe a plugin causes this error (like role scoper, etc.) which limits access to certain pages/posts? You’re the first person who reports this problem.


    I’ve sent login credentials to kriesisupport now – hopefully there will be a solution to this problem!


    I’m sure we can help you soon.


    I really hope so, because it’s very frustrating!!!!


    Are there anyone working on this problem – or am I all alone.

    Havent heard anything :(


    I hope Noah will reply soon because you sent your login credentials to him.


    I apologize for dropping the ball here. You email hit my SPAM filter and I just though to check there after seeing this. I did quite a bit of testing, but I think to diagnose further I’ll need your FTP details. If you have those I will try my hardest to resolve this tomorrow.

    I tried disabling your plugins (as a last resort) and it didn’t help. I re-enabled them, but it looks like one needs further configuration. I apologize for that.

    Again I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

    @TheDude I can confirm this is happening on his server, I can’t reproduce on my install, no plugins are causing the problem.


    Hi. I’ll send FTP details straight away! Frustrating bug!


    I’ve not heard anything yet… Is it possible to have a fix where I can use the native menu system instead ?


    I suppose everyone gave this issue up – as a result this theme is total useless for me in it’s current state.

    I have no other choice though than claiming a refund!



    I’m sorry that Noah couldn’t help you. Maybe it’s even a bug with your WP installation and not related to Display because the menu manager is part of WP and Display just calls the menu function.


    Well, I really much doubt that…. unnless there is a dependability in this theme, that’s not working with particular webhost settings ? I really can’t see this problem have anything to do with mu wordpress installation, then there should be manu more than me that experiences this problem. I’ve up until now had the newest wordpress release possible…

    Thanx anyhow – but I will reclaim my money, as this is useless for me in it’s current state!


    You can contact themeforest support for a refund (but I think there’s little chance to get one).



    In case anyone else finds this thread while looking for a solution, please be aware that, if you or your hosting provider use Suhosin extensions to PHP there are two settings that must be set in the primary php.ini file (users report setting these in the local php.ini file have no effect):



    Higher is better. 200 gave me 17 menu items. I increased mine to 500.

    This is NOT a problem with Kriesi themes and, although I have a license to one of your themes, I experienced this problem in a homegrown theme on a separate WP install.

    FYI: Suhosin is a popular patch to PHP that provides better security, among others things. Popular Linux distros have used / are using it – like Ubuntu – so it could easily be a problem for anyone here.


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge webeau.

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