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    Hello, first of all excuse me for my english (translated by google).

    I have found that can do HR and HR Top in detail on the left side of the line, but not how to make a simple line of separation.

    What code should I insert to create a single line (as the default ones in the app)

    Thank you very much for everything


    Hi koballo,

    In that case, you’ll just add a regular hr tag into the HTML tab (or Text tab if you are on wordpress 3.5) where you want it to go.

    See: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_hr.asp




    Hola de nuevo Devin.

    He mirado el enlace que me has dejado, pero no termino de ver como solucionar mi petición.

    Al insertar un [hr] en mi página, este HR crea un linea con un recuadro en el lateral izquierdo (Horizontal rule, Rule with top link, Whitespace).

    Ver detalle: http://estudioembora.com/tirar/hr.jpg

    Lo que deseo es un [hr] sencillo (Single line) como los que aparecen en algunas partes del diseño. En Template Builder si puedo realizar este tipo de [hr]

    Ver detalle: http://estudioembora.com/tirar/hr_deseado.png

    Me gustaría poder hacer este tipo de [hr] para definir otras partes de la web.

    Muchas gracias por vuestra colaboración,

    sois grandes !!!




    Google, traductor:

    Hello again Devin.

    I have looked at the link you left me, but not quite see how to solve my request.

    When you insert a [hr] on my page, this HR creates a line with a box on the left side (Horizontal rule, Rule with top link, Whitespace).

    See details: http://estudioembora.com/tirar/hr.jpg

    What I want is a [hr] simple (Single line) as those in some parts of the design. In Template Builder if I can do this kind of [hr]

    See details: http://estudioembora.com/tirar/hr_deseado.png

    I wish I could do this kind of [hr] to define other parts of the web.

    Thank you very much for your help,

    you are great!




    Hi koballo,

    You aren’t inserting it using a shortcode but instead just a plain old regular HTML hr. So go to the HTML or Text tab (depending on your version of wordpress) and just add the html code for a hr line where you want it.


    ***Make sure you don’t put this in the regular visual editor. It MUST go into the HTML/Text tab where you want it since it is HTML code and NOT a shortcode.***




    Hola Devin,

    ya decía yo que algo fallaba.

    Madre mía que cabeza loca tengo.

    Muchas gracias por todo Devin

    sois grandes !!!


    google traductor:

    Hi Devin,

    I thought there was something wrong.

    OMG I have that crazy head.

    Thank you very much for everything Devin

    you are great!

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