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    I’m trying to create an art gallery site where, after a painting thumbnail is clicked in a portfolio page, it opens up a More details/add to cart woocommerce page with a larger image.

    This woocommerce page also needs a sidebar menu of all the artists so the visitor can return quickly to the artists’ portfolio pages.

    Ideally on the artists menu too, on the left sidebar, the artist they just visited should be highlighted as there will be over 200 artists.

    Sorry but I’m a newbie and after reading through all the documnetation, I’m utterly lost!

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    I read this on another thread which suggests that I should create a custom page but I’m still not sure of the process :

    It does look similar to my problem though :

    I understand that Propulsion does NOT support sidebars on the standard WooCommerce product pages (e.g., shop, product-category, etc.). It’s easy enough to create custom pages using a Propulsion templace and WooCommerce shortcodes (e.g., product_category) to recreate them in a way that provides the sidebar menu funcationality that I’m looking for (examples: and

    Here’s my problems I’m hoping someone can help me with:

    1. On the single product display page – is there a way to link the “Category: <product_category>” breadcrumbs to my custom pages? Right now, if I click on the category link presented, Propulsion takes me to a standard “product-category” page.

    2.The my “shop page replacement” ( uses a PropulsionTemplate that calls a blank page and has 2 widgets on it: post/page content and products. I tell post/page content to display title. This displays the page title in a bold, black text. My supporting pages (using woo product_category) show the heading in a grey text. Is there a way to change one or the other for JUST my custom product taxonomy?



    For #1 I’ve tagged the question for another support crew to take a look as I’m really not sure about that one.

    For #2, you could change it for all dynamic template pages with:

    #top .entry-content .dynamic-post-title {
    color: #333;

    But I don’t see anything that identifies that category type in a way separate from any other page. Another option would be to just target that page specifically. You can do this by adding the page id class onto the above css like this: .entry-content .dynamic-post-title {
    color: #333;

    This will change the h1 color for only that page. If you wanted to do the same on others, just change the 339 to the page ID.





    Re 1: This is not easily possible because the breadcrumb doesn’t offer any filters, etc. which would allow you to change the link target.



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