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    This is the same for the demo of the theme… it does not work. The link to a video portfolio item does not work. In the demo, if you go to Portfolio, and then try to click on the image of the video item, it does not work. Clicking on the title works, but clicking on the image does not.

    Any solution to the problem?



    Hi Miro,

    What browser are you using that it doesn’t work in the demo for you? Using the latest versions of IE, Chrom and Firefox I didn’t have any issues selecting the video preview image in the demo.

    If you have a live site I can take a look at to see the issue on that would be helpful as well.



    I am building the site locally, but the same issue occurs in your demo site. I am using Safari, but problems occurs in Firefox and Chrome also, OSX versions.




    I posted about this same issue earlier. I still haven’t figured it out myself. You can see it on the home page of the site I am working on. If you try to click the image it doesn’t link to anything:


    I have a small solution, not the best, but it works.

    In the Angular theme options-Layout & settings-Slideshow behavior on overview pages, choose the option:

    Display only single image on overview pages and all slideshow images except the first one on single entries.

    In the portfolio item add the video and image to the slideshow. The image first, with the option: Link to this post. Then the video with the option: No link.

    With this, you have a link image of your video. It is not very effective because, when you have more than one item to show in the slideshow, not shown.

    Sorry for my english, it’s a google translation.


    Hi All,

    The issue is specifically when you have your portfolio set to open portfolio items as their own pages instead of using the ajax load within page feature. I’ve reported the issue to Kriesi and hopefully have a fix up soon.


    Here’s a workaround for the people:

    This assumes that you have turned the ajax “same-page” slider option OFF, and you want your thumbs to link to a separate slider portfolio-item page.

    1. Set your LAYOUT & SETTINGS>Slideshow behavior on overview pages> to (3rd option) “Display only single image on overview pages and all slideshow images except the first one on single entries.” (which, in English for humans, means “1st slide is only the thumb”)

    2. In the case you have a video, USE A JPG AS YOUR 1st SLIDE, and your video as the second slide. First slide becomes the thumb, and links to video.

    3. In the case you want your thumb to also appear as the first slide, USE 2 OF THE SAME IMAGE AS 1st and 2nd SLIDES.


    Hi propagandalabs,

    Thanks for providing the workaround :)


    Has this been solved? I have this exact problem, and don’t like using the workaround…


    Yes, this is working correctly in WordPress 3.5 and Angular version 1.3. Just tested on my live installation.




    Hi Devin, my problem is, that if I have video portfolio item with thumbnail and “open portfolio items as their own pages” set, I click on the thumb and instead taking me to the portfolio page, the video starts playing. I’m on WP 3.5, Angular 1.5.

    Thanks for help



    That is the correct behavior. The thumbnail activates the playing of the video when not in the ajax setup. See the “Sphere” item here:




    Thanks, but this is not what I want – I’d like to open the portfolio page on thumbnail click. Is it possible to change this behaviour somewhere in the code?




    Hi Vasik,

    The only way I know of doing that is to use the ajax portfolio. Otherwise the slideshow loads up into the thumbnail view.



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