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    I have a set of logos on my home page which I would like to link directly to their respective portfolio items as displayed on the main portfolio page (set to display on same page). Does that make sense? So when you click through you see the portfolio page but with the specific item already displayed in the box at the top.

    Is it possible?

    Many thanks – really like the theme and only just getting to grips :-)



    I’m not sure if that’s possible, can you post a link to your website?



    Hi Josue

    Site is

    If you click on Bristol Solar City logo towards bottom of the homepage you link to the portfolio, but i’d like to have the Bristol Solar City portfolio contents displayed at the top.

    Thanks for looking at this for me. Speedy response!




    You mean like an AJAX Portfolio? No, I don’t that is possible. You need to hire a freelance developer to modify the theme for you. You can also use the Portfolio Items as the Partner List then turn on the AJAX Portfolio.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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