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    I have used your template for the site:

    as you can see, there are seven main categories which are all the main navigation tabs.

    each of these categories has link category setup so that i can display relative links widget in the corresponding category.

    the Goldields Sport category is displaying the incorrect widget – despite it being correct in the appearance/widgest setup area.

    i have tried deleting, renaming and starting again, only to find that other issues also occur.

    it also seems as if it may actually be calling other category widgets, not just the wronk links widget.

    please assist – you are more than welcome to check out through the admin section… i will give you un and pw privately.

    many thanks



    If you could send me your details in an email to kriesi_support [at] noahhendrix [dot] com I’ll take a look.




    i have just sent a un a pw to (Email address hidden if logged out)

    would you like one as well?


    Noah, did you receive the email with the user-name and password?



    I received an email with a username and password for but when trying to login got the message “Invalid Username”. Can you check the details and get back to me?



    hi james,

    have you been able to go in and look at the issue?

    i note that prior to posting on the forum, the main issue was with the golfield-sport not displaying the correct widgets as loaded into the specific category widgets… now it seems that this category is displaying the correct widgets but youth, parents and more at maccas are displaying incorrect.

    i had this happen when i played with deleting the category specific widgets in the newscast settings. area in admin.

    it seems that on the pages that are displaying the incorrect widgets, that they are displaying the ‘general’ category widgets – almost like a default.

    my client is mcdonalds and they are really wanting me to fix this issue so they can post accurate links and adverts/sponsors on the correct pages.

    i would be most grateful if you could help me resolve this


    ? perhaps we can skype? i am ‘modernartproduction’ or ‘theleash’ and i am in australia

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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