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    I am a newbie and maybe this is a very basic question:

    When adding links on a page in Enfold, the links disappear if I do any other changes to the page after saving the links.

    What is this?



    How do you add the link? It shouldn’t work that way. Please download the latest version of Enfold which is 1.9.1.




    Hi Ismael

    I have had several problems, but here is one as an example:

    I want to make a “send email” link on my contact page. So I make a text box, open the “text” window, and use some html I have found on the internet:

    <p>(Email address hidden if logged out) ?Subject=Hello%20again”>

    Send Mail


    When saving this, I do get a working link. But as soon as I do anything else on the same page, the link disappears – that is – the “send mail” text stays on the page, but as ordinary text, not as a link.



    It is not happening on my end. Did you add the code on Text/HTML mode?

    Please download the latest version of Enfold then update your theme.

    Also, edit wp-config.php then add this code:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');




    Thank you for helping me with this.

    Being a complete novice with html et cetera, it could be I have been doing a very basic error all the time. I have just managed to make the email-link work as well as doing changes to the page without anything disappearing. I have done this by trying and failing – and suddenly it worked.

    It feels like I am either having a bug or I have been doing something wrong all the time that messes up other things in the theme.

    The code you want me to add – it augments the memory as I understand it?


    Hi MarieAn,

    Correct. The php memory limit is what determines how much memory on your server WordPress is able to use. The bare minimum is 40mb but we’ve found that this is far to low for the Enfold Advanced Layout Editor to work when a users is also using any other plugins that are also even a little memory intensive.

    In addition to the above, I typically link to this article which goes over all of the ways in which you can increase the memory limit:



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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