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    Hello, i have checked previous posts about logo, but w/o answer to my problem: I want the same logo size as on Enfold demo version (about 120x50pxl)

    My logo 368×101 pxl size, I rescaled it in admin to 100×27 pxl and updated in all possible manners (large, full size, squary), all time it appears very big and fuzzy. I rescaled it in Photoshop to 100×27, repeated actions, the logo is still stretched automatically to 390pxl and appears fuzzy. What I do wrong ? Please help, I may give the admin password if you may check it. (I can not modify codes)

    web: http://btgid.com/



    Re-size the logo first using Paint or Photoshop. Suggested logo size is 200px * 100px. Go to Theme Options > upload the logo. When the upload is finish select which size you want to use before clicking the “Use Image as Logo”.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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