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    Hello. Has Kriesi come up with any alternative solutions for the logo shrinking effect? I have been battling the sizing issue since day one of using this theme. I have read through many posts with others having the same issue. I have tried adjusting the parameters in the avia.js, but the results are very jumpy when scrolling and not smooth. I see others have pointed out how smooth the logos are on such themes as Salient, Venture, etc. I’m using the same dimensions as the PSD logo file. If there is an email address, I would happy to send you my logo file for testing. Thanks.


    Hi joe88,

    I’m not really sure what issue you are referring to. With a bit over 100 support requests a day we need reference for a topic and question.




    Hi Devin. Thanks. I realize there are a number of requests on a daily basis. I actually have a few more posts from a day ago. Here is a similar link to the issue. http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/issues-with-site-logo. It just sounded like Kriesi was working on some alternative solutions. Right now, the logo shrinks really bad to the point where you can’t read it. I will try and post some examples.


    If Kriesi has a fix for it or does make any changes it will be in a future update. Otherwise, your best solution is don’t use the fixed header or force it to stay at the same taller size.

    But please do not create a secondary topic if Kriesi has already addressed it. In this case, if he sees a fix he’ll add it in.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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