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    How can I lower the front page blog widget to be lined up with the front page blog photos.


    Hi camillaanders,

    I’m not quite sure which instance you mean exactly. Can you link to your site and point it out there live so we can provide some css to do it exactly?




    If you look at, you’ll see my example. Product and portfolio pages are not used in this instance. I would like to add a blog list on the right side of the front page in line with the blog bottom pictures.



    I don’t see a blog on that page. Please add a blog element to the template for this page. From what I can see, the images on the bottom are centered, so I am not sure it would be possible for a blog on the right side of page to be in line with centered images. Once you’ve added the blog element to the template let us know. If you can make a rough sketch of what you want the blog to look like in relation to the other elements.




    I looked closer at this problem and realized that it would require removing one of the blog pictures, which I didn’t want to do. That left the footer as the only space for it to fit in. The issue is resolved.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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