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    I want to be able to use the drop down menu or Mega menu function but I’m not sure how. Underneath the Appearance-> Menus category the “Main Menu” tab has so many categories/options. I haven’t changed anything from the install and the menus never worked initially.

    I took a screenshot to show what I mean.

    Also, what’s the difference between Shoutbox Main Menu & Small Sub Menu? How do I configure the Menus properly?

    My website is


    The main menu is the big one running across the top of the main content, below the site logo/header splash. The sub menu is the small one that starts in the very top left corner of your site.

    To make a drop down menu you have to push the menu element slightly to the right when you drop it into the menu builder. All those objects pushed to the right will become dropdowns of the menu element directly above them (that isnt pushed to the right.)

    Does that make sense?



    I think that makes sense. I’ll try now. Also, here is the screenshot I forgot to attach:



    How do I add new Pages/Categories/Columns? I don’t see where there is an option to add a new one.


    bcopping – you need to assign the menus to the theme locations. Shoutbox offers two locations (Shoutbox Main Menu & Sub Menu). Swlect the right menu for each location by using the drop down input field and hit the “Save” button. Afterwards your menu(s) will appear.


    Okay let me try that, of course it makes sense now! But, how do I add new categories/menu items if that makes sense?


    Hi bcopping,

    You need to create the Categories in Posts>Categories and the menu items can be added by selecting the page or category and hitting Add to Menu followed by hitting Save Menu.




    Thanks Devin, I will try that out now and report back :-)


    Hi Devin/Dude et al,

    Okay I think I’ve got that understood but here’s my next related problem. I created a new post “Gierdo Van de Gaarde” and I want it to automatically show up under the “GP2 & GP3” category. So when you click on “GP2 & GP3” it will show along with future posts.

    I took screenshots so hopefully that’ll help:

    Thanks for your time!


    As long as the post is in marked as part of that category, it will appear if you click on the link to open an archive view of those categories.


    What am I doing wrong then here I want the new post(s) to show up when you click on “GP2 & GP3” under “Motorsport” on the menu bar.

    Sorry for all the questions!


    Hi bcopping,

    From what I can tell the GP2 & GP3 link under Motorsport is not the same as the GP2 & GP3 link under categories on the sidebar. The link under Motorsport is, the link under Categories is

    Under Appearance > Menus, did you create the GP2 & GP3 link using “Custom Links” or “Categories”?




    I solved everything, thanks gentleman & women! I do have one more subject though that I’m searching for now :)



    Glad it is solved.



Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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