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    I want the main slider to show only 1 post. It will be a post that summarizes what the website is about and also shows some pictures of various products. For some reason, every time I add a new post, it overwrites the main slider, even if the images are too small for the main slider. Then it makes the opening page look really bad. Things flag in and flash out. I just want to be able to set it to a certain post and leave it like that. Thanks so much!


    Yes, absolutely! This is almost a must for the theme….Make the slideshow connect people to a page or something. Having to worry about what image will look good in that format is a pain.


    Good idea. I’d even be happy if I could pick a single post. Anybody have any idea how to do it? It shouldn’t be too hard. I just don’t know where I’d look to try to code it because I don’t know the logic it uses to pick a post for the main big slider. :)


    It’d be great if you could have the main slider static where you didn’t have to attach it to any post. Just have a “settings” area where you can add pictures without linking with a post.


    I’d be happy if I could just pick which post is featured… :)


    Maybe Kriesi will release update Habitat – I report this feature request to him.


    Great support, you guys are awesome!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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