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    This is probably pretty easy, but as a motion designer and animator, I suck at CSS.

    I would like to make the product and portfolio items consistent on the front page. Currently, the type is set differently: portfolios are upper/lower, with smaller paragraph text, lighter color; products are all caps, kerned out with larger paragraph text and darker color.

    graymachine front page with mixed css styles

    Ideally, I’d just have the portfolio items use the same style as the products.


    Hi graymachine!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Propulsion theme options under Styling tab

    .flex_column h1, .flex_column h2, .flex_column h3, .flex_column h4, .flex_column h5, .flex_column h6 { text-transform: none; }
    div.entry-content { color: #919191; }



    Almost there.. there is still something causing the letters to kern out.

    Almost there...



    Change the code to:

    .flex_column h1, .flex_column h2, .flex_column h3, .flex_column h4, .flex_column h5, .flex_column h6 { text-transform: none; letter-spacing: 0 !important; }
    div.entry-content { color: #919191; }



    And what about the paragraph text? That seems to be mismatched as well. The sizes and kerning/tracking are off. In fact, I am boggled as to how I’ve got differently formatted products on the frontpage, when the text is completely unformatted excerpt text.


    They look pretty much the same on my end:
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /00000514.png” alt=”” />


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