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    is there any way to use this, either as an element on the ‘media elements’ shortcode menu or some other way so that the Masonry Gallery can be used outside of the visual page builder – would really like to use it in our reports custom post type, but it does not appear to be available to other CPTs


    Hey DavidMiles!

    Do you mean you want to use your custom post type in a masonry element or you want to include a masonry element inside a page of your custom post type?



    The latter – masonry gallery inside a page of one of my CPTs



    No, the masonry gallery is a “fullwidth element” (similar to the fullwidth color section, fullwidth Layerslider and fullwidth AviaSlider) and you can’t insert the fullwidth elements with a shortcode because they require a special page template and it’s not possible to load this page template inside the default text content/container.



    That kind of makes sense – but isn’t entirely true – you can insert it into a page with sidebars – – it just screws the whole layout up – which I will bring up here as opposed to a separate topic



    Yes, technically you can nest any short element inside of another but if the Advanced Layout Editor doesn’t let you do it by default its because we don’t yet have support for that kind of layout.

    So while you can force it, it isn’t going to work without some additional customization as your example shows.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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