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    I started by using the dummy data from the demo and then customizing from there. However, instead of the nice gallery that comes up when you select a portfolio in the demo, I get tiny thumbnails (i think its the standard WP gallery function) and when I click on one of those thumbnails, it goes to a page with a smallish version of my photo and includes a spot to add comments to the picture. But I want my portfolio to show the classic gallery look like the demo (with 2 or 3 columns) and when clicked I just want the photo to appear like in the demo, not a page with a comment text box.


    Hey dpeezie!

    You will first want to not use the current image sizes you are using. Any image editing software will be able to do a basic first-step of it but right now there is a huge bottleneck for users since they have to download lots of very big images in order to view the pages with lots of images.

    On each individual item you need to choose the gallery type from the Gallery Layout section of the meta box where you uplaoded and added the slideshow items.

    Right now you have “WordPress default Gallery attached to the entry” so that is what you have showing.

    Best regards,


    Thank you – I have replaced all images on the size with web optimized images. This should help with load times, etc. What I would like to do is mimic the layout and look of the “Classic 3” three column gallery as it appears in the demo (Portfolio>>Portfolio 2 Columns>>Classic 3). I have tried this (see (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ), but instead of the nice clean thumbnails arranged in a grid like the demo, I get elongated, stretched out images instead. How might I match the look of the demo with a nice grid of 3 columns of thumbnails?



    Please choose to display “3 column gallery” under Gallery Layout –



    I already have that selected and it results in the photos being stretched vertically across the page rather than in symmetrical thumbnails. See here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) . I do not know what additional adjustments I can make to get a clean grid of thumbnails for these photos.


    I will be changing the format of the linked portfolio for now so the link previously provided will not help (it looked too bad to leave it as is), but in lieu of a visual, what I am seeing instead of a nice 3 column grid of equally sized image thumbnails in a gallery is a page of very tall segments of each picture (probably at 100% scale) overlapping – one narrow one, one less narrow one and a larger one. Scrolling down you see that each image “thumbnail” is taller or shorter than the next. They are arranged in three columns, but each thumbnail is a different size (massively oversized) – they are not truly thumbnails because they are not at all scaled down images of the actual photo but rather full sized segments.

    Is there a way to control the thumbnail size and scaling for a portfolio item’s photos in the 3 column gallery format? I’ve noticed that this happens to all of my photos on the site, regardless of the original size or orientation of the photo. And it affects both the flexible grid and the 3 column gallery formats in the same way. In the meantime i will use the full screen slider format.


    For some reason your server isn’t able to generate the WordPress thumbnails which would normally be generated on upload and then used in the layout.

    I’ve added a bit of css to prevent images in your entry-content container (normal content area of posts and pages) from expanding beyond 100% width but the root is something server side preventing WordPress from running its function.



    Thank you for the update.

    Please create a test page with the 3 column grid. We really need to see the problem first hand in order to provide you with a possible fix. Thanks.

    Best regards,

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