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    Dear supporters!

    Please help me with the following

    1. I would like to be able to see-through both the static main menu and the content areas like the blog, the shop etc. I am running the dark skin and would like 70 percent opacity in order to see the background all the time while navigating the site. How is this done?

    2. Is it possible to have the sub-menus positioned as a list under each main menu topic? (Instead of the right-aligned pop-up sub-menu which is default)

    Thank you!

    Best, Martin


    I would like to be able to see-through menu and the content boxes as well (90% opacity). Can anybody help please?



    2) This is not possible without a major menu js/css rewrite.

    1) I’m not sure if this is possible because if two semi-transparent areas overlay each other the opacity increases. If i.e. to areas with 60% opaciy overlap each other you want get 60% opacity in the intersection/overlap area.

    Nevertheless you can try to add a semi transparent image as background. Open up css/custom.css and add following code:

    .box, .blog-meta, .return_content, .arrowslidecontrolls_fullscreen, .hide_content_wrap a, .img_count, .slide_thumbnails, .widget {
    background: url("../images/skin-minimal/transbg.png") repeat transparent;

    Then place your semi transparent background image (I called it “transbg.png”) into the flashlight/images/skin-minimal folder. You can create a semi-transparent image with tools like Photoshop or Gimp (free).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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