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    I have placed a menu in the sidebar and wondering if it’s possible the menu’s expand / collapse when you click on the category. So you can see the sub category’s under it.

    For example: I got the category “Kenwood” and “Motorola” and for each category there are sub category’s “headsets” and “Battery’s” (if you click on a sub category you go the products).

    I would like to hide these sub category’s until you click the category itself.

    Is that possible?







    I could have a go at doing this with CSS, though it’d be nice to have a link to your site so I can test it live.


    Hi Chris,

    That would be http://www.portofoonaccessoires.com





    Glad that you found a solution :)



    I had a look at Roy’s site link above and would love to know how you got the vertical accordion menu working on your site. I can’t get it to work right on mine. It won’t expand and collapse.


    Hello Roy,

    It would be awesome if you could post the solution here. :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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