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    I have a weird issue with the navigation menus in Abundance. I added a bunch of new items today, reloaded my site, and noticed that the last item on my menu had disappeared. I looked, and sure enough, it was gone in the WP admin too. I added it back in and saved the menu. I scrolled to the bottom, and it wasn’t there.

    I then removed another menu item and added the other one back in. That worked. So there’s something going on that is limiting the number of menu items I can have in the main menu.

    I thought this might be a PHP or server setting that I needed to have changed, so I contacted my host. They couldn’t see any errors in the server log or anything unusual. They suggested I try changing the theme. I tried that thinking that couldn’t possibly be the issue, but it actually worked just fine when I was using another theme.

    I made my menu modifications again with the other theme activated and everything was fine. I switched back to Abundance and all the menu items were there. Unfortunately, changing themes removes any manual links I use in the drop-down mega menus. For example, I have some menus that are just some text content with some links, and those links disappear if I save the menus with another theme activated. I’m at a loss for what to do.

    Can anyone think of any reasons why the number of menu items I can add would be limited? Again, this only affects the abundance theme. Thanks.



    Have a look at this article: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -wordpress-custom-menus/

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    Thanks for the reply, Peter, but I don’t believe that is the problem. I found a similar article in my search and it I don’t have this Sushonin installed on my server. Also, like I said, I can add to the menu without problems if I have a different theme activated. Only when Abundance is activated do I have this problem.




    In this case please check your allocated memory value ( ).

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    Hi Peter,

    Unfortunately, that didn’t resolve the problem either. Any other suggestions? This is becoming a real problem.


    Abundance itself does not introduce any limitations on the code level so it’s a php configuration issue for sure. Did you try to increase the php execution time? Did you contact your hoster – maybe they can provide more information based on the error logs, etc.?



    I am just realising I have this issue today. I have 74 categories in my main menu, and just today I tried to add another but to no effect. It keeps removing the last one I add, regardless of what category it is. I increased my WP memory to 96 and that is not fixing the issue. I really need to fix this as I will be needing to add additional menu items in the short term future.


    Hi Femme_Fatale,

    As Dude said, this isn’t a limitation of the theme files but on the server side of things. You can ask your hosting provider about increasing the php execution time and see if that helps or try increasing your memory even further to 128+.



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