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    We just added more menus so now we have drop down menus, the site has been running since December. They are going under the slider, under the feature images on pages too. We checked the Z order and changed it with firebug but were unable to get the menu to come to the top.

    Any thoughts on how we could fix this?

    We use Newscast on and have never had this problem.


    We took down the menu that goes under the slider, a customer complained. We could set something up if anyone has some ideas on this.



    Hey! Would be glad if you could set it up once again, we will have a look at the issue. For the least impact on your customers I would recommend you set it up starting next week when all of our support staff is available. with the new support system in place your thread shouldnt be overlooked for that long again :)

    Actually I am sorry that you had to wait that long for a reply. let me know once the menu is in place ;)



    Thank you Kriesi!

    We do like your product very much and send many to buy them from you.

    I tried a few days ago but the forum was down.

    I just set up a menu dropdown. it is under Special Order. two drop downs “Biggie 50mm Tip Chalkboard Cleaner” and “Ziggy Creatives”

    You can only see the First the second goes under the slider.

    Again this does work on with the same template.



    Please drop this on your custom.css.

    #top .nav li ul a {
    z-index: 999;

    Hope it helps.




    That did not work.

    We do not have a custom style, I placed it in the style.css

    Tried it in different locations if that is important.



    I’m not sure if I’m grasping the problem – A problem I found was that hovering these dropdown links doesn’t always work, to fix this add following code to the code Ismael provided within the brackets.

    display: block;
    height: 20px;

    Could you elaborate your problem further for me?




    Thank you Chris, I will. We need to fix this since we can not use the drop down menus. Our other site works fine, never been a problem.

    I will report back.


    Hi Chris,

    Yes I have seen “A problem I found was that hovering these dropdown links doesn’t always work” I visited a customer for and saw that problem particularly on a slow IE system. At the menus appear to be “slow” in the dropdown, in testing. Though read on, I may have found something.

    I added the code from Ismael and your code to it.

    #top .nav li ul a {


    z-index: 999;

    display: block;

    height: 20px;


    At first glance it appeared to work I could now see “Biggie 50mm Tip” and “Ziggy Creatives” menu selections they were not under the slider. However it looked like another change occurred.

    The addition of ;

    display; block;


    changed the menu selection from “Biggie 50mm Tip Chalkboard Cleaner” to one line “Biggie 50mm Tip”

    No problem, these are just testing the production menus can be shorter.

    So I added a menu. “Big and Broad Tip 50mm White” so we have three drop down menus. That goes under the slider.

    Plus the “Big and Broad Tip 50mm White” is two lines and out of the box. We will just make shorter menus this is only for testing. I was able to change the height setting to 40 and fix it too, but I prefer shorter menus.

    As you use this drop down menu the last menu item can not be selected, I added a few more for testing. I also found the menu goes under the text! Plus you can not select any drop down menu that goes below the second menu bar!

    I think the note in bold may help to find a fix. If the drop down menus are under the slider, and go under the text, and are not accessible, when they are below the menu bar. How do we get them to the top? The issue appears to be with anything that goes below the menu bar.

    I have put my style.css at the following link so it can be viewed.

    I do appreciate the help, we are very proud of the look and feel of our site using the kriesi theme. I do not want to leave these test menus to long. They also confuse the customers.



    I am sorry to ask, but could we get some help with this. We are holding off announcing some new products because we can not add menus.



    Hi Steve,

    I’ve asked Kriesi to re-look at this is issue again. Sorry for the wait! I know its frustrating not knowing what could be causing the issue.




    We just figured this out on our own it took a while, but one of our techs Jacklynn found it. The Headwrap was set differently in the site from the website.

    No notes on us changing this although we have made changes to the top logo to make that work. Could have been when this happened. since we did not need the secondary menus we did not find it in the original development of the website.

    It was;

    #headwrap, #footerwrap{


    clear: both;

    float: left !important; /* ie6fix */

    float: none;

    position: relative;

    z-index: 1;


    We changed it to;

    #headwrap, #footerwrap{


    clear: both;

    float: left !important; /* ie6fix */

    float: none;

    position: relative;

    z-index: 6;


    This fix allowed us to roll out a incredible new product just in time. Plus we now have room for growth.

    Looking to spin off this product to a separate website, we will be looking at some of Kriesi’s newer themes for that. We do appreciate the efforts and time spent by others looking into this. I hope our discover helps others that may have this problem in the future.

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