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    my archive page is completely messed up, when I try to style it with the Avia Layout Builder:

    I tried to use a COLOR SECTION with an image, and a text block with text in it, and ended up in this mess:

    – the text of the color section exceeds the main container

    – the image of the color section is not in its background as usual

    – the archive box (latest blog posts …) exceeds the main container

    – the footer is now within the main container




    can you post a link to the archive page please? Afaik standard post archive pages do not support the template builder because standard posts also don’t support it and the archive page will just list the standard posts. Also note that the “layout builder” is not compatible with any custom page template or the “archive” page template because the layout builder uses a different page template and you can’t combine several page templates.


    My site is still in maintenance mode. But I have now discovered that with some elements the Avia Layout Builder works on archive page, too.

    Normal columns, text blocks, Easy slider etc. is working fine – only “color section” and “Advanced Layerslider” not.

    But I will change my plans for this page, so that it will work with the Avia Layout Builder, too.

    Thanks for your info!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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