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    I am in process of migrating my new site from it’s development subdomain to my site root.

    Amazingly I discovered that none of Flashlight’s settings are migrated – extensive work, including recommended Quick CSS settings. Shock.

    As in this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Has this issue from 1.5 yrs back been resolved yet?? Is there a way to easily migrate Flashlight settings?

    Export/import option, in a similar method to his dummy material, but clear and integrated???

    Definitely there should be a caveat that comes with the theme on this issue (!), so that all those who work on development domains, or must switch servers, do not find their work at risk, with possible time and even more important crucial work lost.

    The Flashlight theme is extraordinary – I believe my favorite I have ever used and worked on – but this is startling. As someone in the previous thread mentioned: Unacceptable. So important.

    Like those in that thread, I have migrated multiple sites before, from dev to live or from server to server, and no issue once url’s are updated in database. All migrated fine, but Flashlight settings and adjustments not – including key Quick CSS (now copied to custom.css), but days of work there.

    Luckily I could restore my backup database, and switched url back to dev site: And it’s there. And can proceed, when a safe method is shared here.

    I await clear instructions on a method to migrate without loss. The brief notes on using the replace dummy files with backend backup and copy is not entirely clear (in above thread). If a step by step can be provided, much appreciated.

    Ready to go to live server. And do not have days to replicate work.

    Thank you so much for your assistance here!

    A big request to Kreisi for many here for this to be clear and integrated in updates. Please create a clear Export/Import settings option for this theme, if it does not consistently migrate smoothly without loss for many of customers. And documentation of this in theme documentation for those starting out with the theme. Thank you.



    Excuse if that description is long. The issue is same as discussed in previous thread. Clearly and simple demonstrated there. I just really wished to emphasize the need, if the request can be forwarded on to Kreisi.

    For those who are drawn to, appreciate, purchase, and work extensively the theme, of course an unexpected data/time loss – like that described in thread quoted of someone who had to potentially create their site anew after much time investment, due to an unsuspected and undocumented issue – is both surprising and alarming. If restoring my backed up database had not worked (it could have had the same affect as importing an updated database), not sure what I would have done.

    In that thread, Kreisi mentions an unclear method with the caveat ‘for now’ – that was 1.5 yrs ago in 2012. Simple question: What is the present method to migrate the site between urls or servers without loss of Flashlight Avia settings?

    Thank you for the prompt assistance with this. Again, absolutely wonderful theme. Just a glitch here.

    All best, Michael



    Actually it’s quite easy to transfer the website. You can use: or wp migrate pro to export the database. Just use the domain and folder replacement settings before you export the database file and the plugin will adjust the serialized data for you. Then import the sql file on your other sserver/domain and upload the theme/wordpress files with ftp to your server and you’re ready.



    ***So does it successfully migrate the Avia/Flashlight settings?? This plug-in?

    (I guess I’m about to find out.)

    Thank you for the tip. The migration process of a WP site is fairly direct once one has done it once – usually I just update url in the sql file with find and replace in Coda, and a wp-config update if switching servers. A one-two actually. This plug-in may save a step or two. The critical point is the Avia settings, which are not transferring in a standard migrate, as per thread quoted.

    The mild freak out (!) was in that I may have lost a week of work/tweaking as I relied on Quick CSS for recommendations from this forum, and they were not applied. I could migrate the site fine, just they were lost. They have all been copied to Custom CSS now. And luckily the restore to my test/dev subdomain worked without losing these. I’ve noted now the rest of my settings, so if this plug-in does not work, I can reset them manually.

    *The only element that would be really time consuming (if css is preserved, but avia settings don’t migrate) is resetting custom widgets created in the Flashlight admin.

    Is there a way – or a suggestion here – to create Widget groups or templates? Similar to those for ‘Display Everywhere’, ‘Pages’ or ‘Blog’, I have widgets that I use on a series of pages, ie all my galleries, and other pages I use the same widget for – but not all Pages: Would be great to create one Widget group, and apply a widget there, having all pages included in the group displaying that particular widget. Would be a great asset to the theme, a timesaver. A suggestion.

    Thank always for the help!


    Thank you again, Dude Peter, for the recommendation. On researching the plug-in further, came across this article, which may be of assistance to others who encounter this issue, and save some time: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -migrate-db-pro/

    It shows why the method I and others have usually used – a search and replace of the db – does not work with the serialized data such as widgets (and presumably the flashlight avia settings). Whereas this provides for that, and as the article displays, works great with WooCommerce data. Having the Woo cart still to set up, this is a great relief.

    Looks like this will be a time and energy saver for years to come. Kudos.

    (P.S. Also reviewed your plug-ins list again, wondering if it was there and missed it. Saw there but with just a line, which missed as was focusing on W3 Total Cache. That list is great and very helpful. Another line or two on this plug-in there would be good, as it is such a potentially significant asset and lifesaver, in instances.)

    Hope this thread is helpful to others. Can be closed.

    To MigratePro now…


    Like a dream. Just had to go to Settings>Permalinks and set links to Postname for menu to work.



    Glad it worked for you :)


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