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    I’m doing our site in swedish, a language that contains some special characters like å, ä and ö. That works fine, but in Caps, the letter Å doesn’t show up.

    Whats wrong? Can this be fixed? Our language depends on this Å-guy :)



    Hi Jesper!

    Use another language – like english! *justkidding*

    Your problem only shows up on headings – right? The font you’re using is the problem. Go to Flashlight / Styling / Heading Font and try others. That would be the easiest solution.

    Greetings from Germany – our language depend on this ß-guy with is making sometimes trouble too! ;-)




    Dennis is right – some fonts do not offer special characters like ß,ö,ä,ü.

    Best regards,



    Thanks guys!

    Tried some different fonts that was included in the theme, but we’re quite like the Helvetica look, plus there was characters missing also in the body type, wich was not changed with the included fonts.

    So since Helvetica don’t like Å, i changed to Arial in the custom CSS file.



    Glad you found a workable font.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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