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    I added a social icon for a Facebook page in Replete V1.4 (WP 3.5.1 DE). When I’m logged in as an administrator it is shown on every page. If I visit the page normally only the RSS feed icon is displayed.

    I’m a little bit confused :)

    Link: https://elaxa.de


    ** Edit: It’s missing only on one page > https://elaxa.de/technische-details/

    It’s the same site template as on other pages…



    Hi Chris,

    I see it on all pages of your site including the one linked without issue. Not sure what the issue could be that is preventing you from seeing it but try viewing the site on other computers as well.




    Hi Devin.

    Yes, you’re right. It seems that it was a problem of my ISP. When I viewed the site while connected to different VPN servers the icon was displayed.

    Topic can be closed :)



    Glad that Devin solved the equation. Enjoy the theme!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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