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    Is there a setting I need to turn on to get the mobile site to work? When I try to access it i get the following error: “We are sorry, there is no such site”.

    My site is: redpicketfence.com

    Thanks for your help!



    Hey Christy!

    I’m not really sure what you mean. The theme doesn’t come with a separate “mobile” site. Its responsive so it adapts to the users screen size but it doesn’t have a completely separate url for mobile users or anything like that.



    I thought that the site was supposed to adapt, but it isn’t adapting. When looking at the site from a mobile phone I am unable to view the site and get a white screen with the message “We are sorry, there is no such site”. Any ideas on why that might be happening?



    The only thing that could come from would be your mobile network or device. Access to the domain is unaffected by the theme so as long as you are online and are using the correct domain name it should be accessible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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