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    Hi there. I’m using the portfolio to showcase products and need the “zoom” image handled by pretty photo/lightbox to be a square (800×800) and not crop off the top and bottom of the product image. I can see where to modify the sizes for the images in functions.php — but those are for the various images in blog posts, thumbnail, etc. Where can I find what I need to change so I can make the zoom photo square and not a crop to landscape? Thanks so much!


    Sorry – I should have put that I’m using the Avisio theme. Thanks!



    the lightbox opens the fullsize version of the image and not a thumbnail. I’m not sure if prettyphoto supports image resizing (I don’t thinks so) but maybe the default_width /default_height parameters can help you. More information can be found here:


    Hey Dude –

    Unfortunately – that’s not the case, I’m afraid. I’m uploading 800×800 images and while the lightbox is opening it at 800 wide, it’s cropping it to 440px high. You can see it here with an image I’ve marked every 100px in height with:×800-image-test/…the very top line starts with “0px – 100px” and the very bottom ends with “700px – 800px” and of course, they’re cut off.

    I went to the link for prettyphoto that you provided and changed the default height and width to 800px – but it’s still being cropped as part of the ‘featured image’, which I’m thinking has to be taking place as part of the theme programming? Can you assist?


    That link picked up extra characters, so won’t work: Here is the portfolio item that is cropping the top and bottom of an 800×800 photo:×800-image-test/


    Ah-hah! I have resolved the issue! There is a box for “Post Thumbnail Options” that was unchecked in Screen Options. Within that, there is a “Full Size Pic or Video for Lightbox” feature where you can insert an image if you don’t want it cropped at the top and bottom. I’m good to go…thanks! :)


    Good to see you’ve solved it :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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