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    I am trying to give my blog more structure, I want to do this by added a few blog elements to the home template and only show 2 “Blog layout – full sized entries” per element and show a category for each for example, one blog element will show 2 music articles, the next will show movie articles and so on. When I try do adjust the home template, the second bog element begins under the sidebar it would seem. So there is a massive gap between the two blog elements.

    How can I resolve this issue? I’ve provided an image below so you can see what I mean.


    Any reply would be much appreciated!




    The sidebar elements are pushing the second blog down the page. I think the only way to do what you are trying to do – separate the blog posts by categories – is to make sure that the first blog has a very small sidebar element which never runs past the length of the posts in that blog. Then you can add the remaining sidebar elements into the second blog, so that it appears continuous. But I think you will find them separating even then.

    However you will always have a gap between one blog and the other. You may be able to close it up by using negative spacing in the css for that element only.

    There may be a plugin out there somewhere that can help you control which categories are shown in which post, but it’s complicated because the default nature of the blog is to always put the new post first and push all the others down.



    Hi Kuzz,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can further what’s causing the issue.




    Sure thing.

    But I haven’t left the home page like it is in the picture for obvious reasons it looks bad and can’t leave it like it all the time. If you want to see the problem like in the picture then I’ll be checking here all day so I can add the two blog elements when you are about to look.




    If you create a new page with a two blog layout then you can give that link to Ismael without it affecting your frontpage.



    Good idea Rich thanks!! And thank you for your previous comment as well, before I try to find alternative ways around the problem to try make it look correct I will wait and hopefully one of the support team will offer a proper solution :)

    Here is the problem Ismael, live via our website on a test blog page.


    Hi Kuzz,

    What is it that you’ve done to the layout to get it to look that way? IE, what exact settings do you have for this layout.

    From what it looks like, I think what you need to do is make a template with the template builder and apply that template to a page which you have designated as the home page.

    The template will need to have the Blog elements one after another as you want it to be set up.




    Thats exactly what I’ve done. I made a new template. I put a blog element in with only 2 articles from movies showing. Then straight after a another new blog element with 2 articles from music category. I then applied the template to the page… It’s just making the next element start below the sidebar for some reason?



    Take a look at this 1 minute video to show you how I came up with the solution ->

    After you move things around as shown on the video (just be careful to grab the parent by paying attention to which sections fade in video and when you do it.) , you right click on the parent node and copy then paste into notepad, and you will have the way the code is supposed to look. (if code you copied looks like a mess, use an html beautifier to make it more legible.

    Then using that as a ‘guide/map’ , you open up the appropriate theme templates (use notepad++) to search the entire theme folder for css selectors you see in the nodes and it will lead you to the right template page.

    Then you rearrange the php in templates around until you get the look that matches the html from the video.

    The css change at the end is .sidebar {
    float: right;




    Ah not quite the solution I was looking for as this is what I’ll have to do everytime we want to switch up the home page? But I guess it will have to do if there is no other solution to fixing the problem that will allow me to just lay it out how I want with elements via the background template editor.

    Thank you for your time in making that video though, much apprecaited. I’ll give it ago, hopefully won’t fail…





    Just drop the css code above into Quick CSS – there is no need to move any code (as I did in the video) . I can’t believe I didn’t try that first,

    So there was no need to move anything. That right sidebar for some reason has a left float instead of right. I will shoot a note to Kriesi. I thought you customized the templates themselves I didn’t realize you were using the dynamic templates.

    Another way to do it (though a bit more on advanced side)

    I think you are going about it the wrong way if you plan on constantly rearranging the home page. Don’t use a sidebar. instead use table elements in dynamic template builder 70/30. the 30% will be a ‘sidebar’ , and in the 70% portion you can drop an enhanced text widget where you can execute php to display your grid of two images. Also this style prevents those huge empty spaces where the sidebar is five times longer then the content, so there is a ton of empty space.

    Here’s an older video i made for this theme – If you want to show one set of images on the post page and a different set of images in the Featured Slider on the Homepage this tutorial is for you. just to show another way you can go about customizing the home page.




    Thanks mate, your help is truly appreciated. I’m doing work on it this week so I’ll test some things out :)

    Thanks again man, I shall leave feedback after some progress.


    I was going to suggest this to you also – create the blog page using columns in the Template Builder. But I’m not sure if the 30% column you are left with on the right can hold the normal widget items. Also, the “fake” sidebar won’t have the white holding boxes like the rest of the theme. You will have to create them yourself in css. There was another user asking how to do this recently.

    The advantage of column posts is that you can choose which category of post each column unit displays, but not specific individual posts. If you want to display specific items you have to use pages – and pages don’t refresh like posts when new ones are added.

    I did something similar here (but I didn’t create a sidebar).

    These are posts in a 3-column grid (33% 33% 33%). They change when new posts are added:

    These are pages in a 2-column grid (50% 50%). They only change when I change the pages which are displayed in each column unit:

    Hope that helps,



    @rumblefish Easy way to get around that: You can show whatever you want in any sidebar and even make it show up on only 1 specific page/cat/tax/dpt

    Just add widget logic plugin (there may be a newer similar plugin) and then add enhanced text widget ( ).

    Enhanced text widget lets you run php directly, and there are thousands of example php snippets for showing specific posts etc…



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