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    I would like to have caption text for some of my portfolio items. When I add caption text, it shows up with white text over a semi-transparent black bar over about a third of the image. I would like to move the caption text off the image completely, probably right below it. How can I do this?


    Hi joschro,

    You would need to re-do all of the css for the slideshow caption in that case. Its a pretty significant change but you can see the slideshow css in the slideshow.css file within your css folder of the theme folders.

    Additionally, there will need to be some adjustments to keep it responsive but again.

    Unfortunately its quite a bit beyond what we can help with via support so you would need to either dig into the code yourself or look into a freelance developer.




    OK, I can look into that. I have a related question. I see where I can add Portfolio Meta Information categories (on the sample site it is “Skills Needed: Copyright: Project URL:”)

    Where can I add the additional information about each item? (On the sample site this text is “The attributes listed above (Skills, Copyright, URL) can be modified at will. You can add additional ones, remove existing or add another dozen if you want to. All of that can be done directly from your WordPress backend, no need to edit any code whatsoever.”)



    You can configure the meta fields on the portfolio option page (Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio).




    Yes, I know about that. On the example site:

    In bold are Skills Needed, Copyright, and Project URL. I see how to add those bold categories. My question is how to add the text below it, with no bold subheading. That text on the sample site is: “The attributes listed above (Skills, Copyright, URL) can be modified at will….”

    Here is what I’m talking about specifically:


    Hi joschro,

    That is just regular text entered in to the visual editor for that portfolio item.

    You can break it up with the more tag so that you get the Read More -> link as well. See:




    OK, thank you. I would still like to get rid of that big black bar that comes with the captions, and instead run the caption in black underneath the image, so I will continue to work on that myself.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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