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    I want to move the product short description to the right side of the product image. It originally was there, but I wanted to move the product description to fill the space below the product image and short description. The only problem is the short description follows the product description’d frame. I want them in separate frames.

    See link: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -unique-copy/

    Is there a way to make a frame for the short description where all that blank space is on the right of the image?

    I would also like the ring size and social media in the short description… it is in the main product description now.



    Hi jen_design,

    I don’t know what all changes you’ve made individually so far but if its just going back to how it was previously, you can re-download the theme files from your downloads on themeforest and then use the base files as reference.

    For full customization of the page however, you’ll need to look into a freelance developer. We can assist with css fixes and minor layout changes but fully changing the layout isn’t something we can do via support.

    Sites like https://codeable.io or http://freelanceswitch.com are good places to look if you want to go that route.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the advice. I think I will need to hire a developer. I will check into both of those sites for sure.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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