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    I’m making a multilingual site on Propulsion with the plugin WPML. Translation work has no problem. But I can only set up one main language on the dashboard panel of WooCommerce actually. ( WPML setting manual,in the fourth instruction image: )Then after setting second language, the first language setting are released automatically. So, pages related WooCommerce in other languages do not work properly, not working SSL function, not appearing thumbnails of product pages on shop base page. I’d like to know how to solve the problem if you supported it.(url:

    Thanks in advance




    Hi Sen,

    Sounds like to me, you’ll need to visit the WooCommerce support forum to see if they may have a resolution for you.




    If you are not a WOO Themes member, there is no way to get support help from them. I have tried numerous ways from their site and have had no luck. Even their so called public forum, you cannot see posted answers. It says:

    “Only users with a valid membership can use this forum.

    Please login if you are already a member or sign up if you wish to use our forums!”


    Yes – you’re right. However you just need to buy an extension (eg a cheap one for 15/20$) and you get a life time access to their support forum. Obviously their support staff doesn’t work for free too.


    Thank you so much for all your advices and kind,

    I know that if I would like to be supported by WooCommerce forum, I have to pay the member fee. But SSL issue and Product thumbnails issue have been caused since I installed WPML. So, I’ve been contacting with WPML ORG support for about a week. Although They are researching the issue, I have not received a solution from them for now.

    I will try to wait for an answer from them only a few days. But If Someone has a good idea, Please let me know!



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